Analytics, intelligence & reporting

Analytics, intelligence & reporting

Google Analytics, GTM, Data Studio, Python, R

Collecting and understanding your data is the basis for truly understanding your business. 

Connecting your product and commercial data to your business objectives and producing reports that are meaningful for management purposes is the next logical step.

At last we'll have enough data and context to use it as a building block for a convincing narrative that can be further shared with investors and external stakeholders.

Growth Sprints

Clear objectives, full commitment. Simple, effective, fast.

Set-up GTM & Analytics

From the implementation of the code on your properties, to the setting up of events, custom dimensions and reports  based on your real business objectives

Producing meaningful  KPI Dashboards

We will link the KPIs you have set for your business with the data originating from your Analytics account and any other BI source available. By visualizing and tracking the data you'll have a dashboard with the key data you need at all times.

Uncovering the story behind the data

Besides using data for tracking purposes, it can help generate insights on multiple aspects of your business.

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