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Business Development

Business Development


It's all about money. Or is it? Business development is often defined as the process linked to creating of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.

Personally I think it is about identifying key opportunities to boost the organization to a new stage of growth, while the rest of the organisation works on business as usual.

Growth Sprints

Clear objectives, full commitment. Simple, effective, fast.

Estimate appeal of new markets

 There is an internal and an external environment: both need to be ready and receptive. the internal one can be prepared, as well as the external on,e to some extent

Develop a market entry strategy

From finding local partners to licensing and setting up new entities, we will look at the alternatives available and identify pros and cons of each to facilitate a decision.

Strategic deals negotiation

Strategic deals tend to involve more complex decision making processes: very often deals are pushed forward based on personal or implicit criterias, making them very difficult to manage and ultimately succeed. The process is about making these internal considerations explicit.

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