Business Modelling

Business Modelling


If a start-up is "a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty", eliminating risk is what you should strive for each step of the way.

Designing a clear business model is the foundational work to help you identify what risk is in the context of your business and how to eliminate it following a logical roadmap.

Growth Sprints

Clear objectives, full commitment. Simple, effective, fast.

Business model canvas

Create alignment within the team and clearly identify risks and assumptions to test from day one.

Market and value drivers' analysis

Find marketing opportunities by improving understanding of customer journeys, mindsets and expectations.

Build Marketing Personas

Identify your target users, and create actionale audiences you can target. 

Marketing and Sales funnel modelling

 Estimate cost metrics and model the steps needed to acquire and convert interested parties into paying customers.

Unit economics and budgeting

Determine the economic sustainability of the model based on industry benchmarks and your initial assumptions.

Financial projections

Forecast the future by exemplifying the links between success metrics, operational challenges, profitability and financial requirements over time.

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