Launch plan

Launch plan


Launching a business is probably the most exciting of times. 

Pareto reminds us that 80% of what we will do is likely going to result in little or not outcome. On the other hand there is another 20% of work that has the potential to make all the difference.

The focus is on executing  fast, cheap and well with the objective of finding that 20% as quickly as possible.

Growth Sprints

Clear objectives, full commitment. Simple, effective, fast.

Plan out the launch

 Make your launch a success by setting up a roadmap and project management tools that can help you manage it effectively. 

Gather feedback early on

Run early customer exploration interviews (online and offline), set yourself up to gather feedback regularly and act on it. 

Acquire and analyse early data

Set up data analytics, link these to your business objectives and actions and integrate numbers in your reporting. 

Find the right voice for your business

Expand your value proposition into messages tailored to your audiences and your campaigns. Find what can make your business stand out.

Kickstart marketing operations

Assign objectives and test different channels while building the internal processes, skillset and tools needed to grow your marketing team.

Kickstart sales operations

 For B2B mainly- Turn your story into a compelling pitchdeck, set-up your sales pipeline and start warming out those leads.

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