What can't be measured can't be managed

Operations scaling

Operations scaling


A movie director friend of mine one told me that it is customary to say that every movie actually is made 3 times: first when you write the script, then when you shoot it and finally in post-production. 

I like to think of the same metaphor when thinking about businesses: you build the business on paper first, then you validate it with your customers, and finally you need to build yet another company that can withold the internal and external pressures of an organization at scale.

Growth Sprints

Clear objectives, full commitment. Simple, effective, fast.

Set-up a new office

Setting up a new physical space requires a strategic as well as janitorial tasks. Setting the right ownership and objectives and building a customized plan to the person chosen is crucial to avoid excessive costs and time waste.

Timely skills acquisition

Opportunities for filling in the gaps that naturally arise in growing organizations abound, but often the expectations, briefs and supporting documentation make things more difficult then needed. We set things up so you can more efficiently integrate external workforce into your organization.s

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